Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Food Availability: Groups 5-8

This week the groups who traveled to Trenton and to New Brunswick have been busy compiling and organizing their data. This Friday, group 7 will travel to Newark and will be visiting several stores in different neighborhoods in Newark, including a Pathmark that was set up as a joint venture with a community development program. Group 6 will be traveling to Camden on Sunday. By next week, all the group will have traveled and it will be fascinating to see how their findings compare. Since the kinds of stores visited has definitely affected the research of both the Trenton and New Brunswick groups it will be interesting to see if this is also an issue during the trips to Camden and Newark.

Here is a short video of an interview that I conducted with Anthony Loring during the trip to Trenton. He discusses his overall impressions from the study and the stores that were visited.