Sunday, January 11, 2009

Original Survey Group 24 and Survey Analysis Group 25 Saturday November 29, 2008

This week both Groups 24 and 25 made significant progress in their efforts to create a survey and to get an idea of what kinds of results our group should expect to see when the survey starts coming back.  Members of Group 24 began individual research on existing research about if dietary patterns affect health.  Sophomore John Oppenheimer was relieved to get some clarity on his assignment, saying “I think I finally understand what I should be doing.”  “Our group was pretty lost,” freshman Leslie Bargmann remembers with a smile

Group 25 A had submitted three research questions at the beginning of the project and thought that those put together would act as the entire survey.  After talking to preceptor Kevin Collins, though, they realized that they would need quite a few more in order to form a comprehensive questionnaire to capture the information they needed.  They plan to spend this week coming up with more questions. 

Group 25B spent this week working to choose the survey frame.  Junior Paul Nehring, who had a little experience selecting survey frames and identifying how to reach certain groups, enjoyed the opportunity to work with other students to accomplish this task.  “The guidance from Kevin and from Dr. Freeland helped us a lot,” Nehring said.  “It was interesting learning more about using zip codes instead of phone numbers when you’re trying to find a random sample of lower-income families to send the surveys to.” 

Until the other two groups finish their tasks, Group 25C has no survey to format.  They are waiting to hear from their fellow group members before they meet again.