Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Group 4—Infrastructure in New Jersey, Part II

Similar to “Infrastructure Group, Part I,” The main goal of this group is to map out the health and food-related infrastructures in New Jersey cities—notably, Camden, Newark, New Brunswick, and Trenton. This group will tackle infrastructure by looking at:

-Hospitals/Clinics: what effect does the proximity of healthcare, and the patient capacity of each institution, have on community health?

-Community Centers/YMCAs/Recreational Facilities: what role do they play as distributors of health and nutritional information?

-Grocery Stores: how many stores (whether health food, major food, corner store, or farmer’s markets) do the communities have, what foods are available and what alternative foods are available?

-Restaurants: interested in how many fast-food chains and non-chain restaurants in each community, and the availability and diversity of the foods they provide.

-Pharmacies: what role do adequate pharmacies play in the ability of the community to acquire prescribed medications.

-Food Pantries/Soup Kitchens: will use these to further include food sources for any groups of community members who may not get their food from grocery stores, or restaurants.

-Urban Farms: what role do they have in creating a “better” (healthier) food source for community members.

In addition to researching these areas of infrastructure, students will also go to these places, take pictures, and report about on-the-ground realities. In the end, each member of this group will produce a map of his/her specific focus, a short paper, and several power-point slides for the final presentation. The group as a whole will produce a short paper and a comprehensive map that will be included as a chapter of the final report.