Friday, November 21, 2008

Stakeholders: Groups 17-21

This week, the stakeholders groups received feedback on their action plans and continued to tailor their questions to fit CHE's requirements. Each group was given a list of "core questions" based on questions submitted in action plans in order to standardize the interview process among stakeholders in all five areas. Groups will still be able to ask questions in addition to core questions based on what they find most interesting.

There is a natural pause as groups wait for final approval on their full question lists from CBLI and CHE, but group members are still actively discussing logistics and how to divide up reporting on interviews. Groups can either have each individual member report on a single interview, or each group member can report on a particular question across all interviews. The groups were also officially assigned to interview either specific people or a specific category of stakeholder, based on feedback from CBLI and CHE.

A quick glance at some groups and their assigned interviews:

Group 17 (Trenton): Mayor, United Way Director
Group 18 (Camden): Osborn Family Health Center Director Marge Cofsky, Representative from Camden County Chamber of Commerce
Group 19 (Newark): Mayor Corey Booker, Executive Director of Newark Department of Health and Human Services Dwight Peavy
Group 20 (New Brunswick): Hospital administrator, food pantry administrator
Group 21 (New Jersey): Commissioner of NJ Department of Health Heather Howard, Representative of New Jersey Hospital Association

Groups must finalize their interview lists (which includes identifying specific individuals to interview within some of the broader categories listed above) by Monday, and interviews will begin soon after that.